Rocks Off Gives Thanks For Health, Houston, Better Sound and... Raffi?

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Craig Hlavaty: This year I am thankful a) That I have my boss Chris Gray back. He was indisposed this time last year and he was greatly missed; b) Aside from that, I am thankful that Houston got so many great shows these past 12 months to cover, like Swans, Paul McCartney and Glen Campbell, among many others; and c) Lastly, I am supremely gracious to live in Houston, which should go without saying.

Matthew Keever: This year (and every year, for that matter), I'm thankful for live music. This year especially, I'm glad to see that, in spite of a sound ordinance that threatened to snuff out the scene has failed to do so. Shows may begin and end a little earlier these days, but blood is pumping through the veins of the Houston music scene. And for that, I'm very grateful.

Nathan Smith: After catching my first show at the Engine Room in quite a few years over the weekend, I think I'm most thankful for the excellent sound systems and sound people around town. Not terribly long ago, cruddy sound was a regular irritant at some of the better clubs in this city, but sound engineers have stepped their game up in the last several years in venues large and small. Now, the bad nights stick out!

Cory Garcia: Although my feelings on it are complicated due to some recent revelations about how much artists make from streaming services, I still fall on the "thankful" side when it comes to Spotify. Sure, most sounds are only a Google/YouTube search away, but when I want nothing more than to look up a song that someone just recommended to me it's my first, and usually best, option. It's helped me discover some great acts I would have missed and saved me wasting money/bandwidth on things that are horrible.

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Hell yeah raffi is the shit. Baby beluga was my first jam.

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