The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 5 All-Ages Venues

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What's better than daily music? Free daily music, where everyone from the kids to the dog is invited, and the only thing you pay for are food and drinks. That's the appeal of MKT Bar, a venue within a venue. Those not yet familiar with Phoenicia Foods, downtown's behemoth of a grocery store owned and operated by Houston's Tcholakian family, may not know about its adjoining bar, dubbed Market Bar (MKT for short).

While Walmart conveniently houses a banking center, a nail shop, eyeglass store and even a McDonald's feet away from its one-stop amenities, Phoenicia's MKT Bar turns a mundane grocery-shopping trip into a hub for great music and decent food. In addition to a menu of items, you have the option to shop at Phoenicia Foods and eat your purchased items at the bar.

Thinking about it, it may be a bit small-minded to mention MKT as a bar, despite the name and the fact that there is, in fact, a bar inside. What makes the place is the city's hottest DJs spinning, to "Tasty Tango Tuesdays" -- free tango classes! -- to Sunday's Jazz Brunch, featuring local jazz greats (Tianna Hall, Kristine Mills) who are happy to serenade you as you get full off the best in breakfast/lunch delicacies. MKT has recently announced its Saturday guest DJ nights. Eat, drink, hear great music and catch up on your grocery shopping: Is there any other place as rewarding?

1001 Austin, 832-360-2222,

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