Special Delivery: 5 Artists Who Could Be the Future Face of Pizza Boxes

Photo by Cory Garcia.
Recently my partner in crime and I decided to have a pizza night. This is pretty typical for us, but what wasn't typical was the question Papa John's asked me while I was ordering: would I like to add a copy of Taylor Swift's new album Red to my order for only $13?

I said no -- who pays $13 for CDs these days? -- and assumed that was the end of it. I was wrong. When I got to the storefront to pick up my thin-crust double pepperoni with extra cheese, I found myself looking at a pizza box with a giant Taylor Swift on the lid.

Welcome to corporate sponsorship in 2012, and now that the line has been crossed, it's only a matter of time before more people get in on the action. Here are five acts that may be coming to a pizzeria near you.

5. Justin Beiber

Recommended Order: Deep dish triple cheese

This listing really should come to the surprise of no one; conspiracy theories aside, we're ultimately talking about a guy who is so well-liked by the buying public he can put out a singing toothbrush. Whether his fans are waiting all day in line to get into his show or having a slumber party, they'll need food.

I imagine they'd be pretty stoked to get a pizza box with the Bieb's face on it. Sure it might get a little gross after it's been tacked to the wall for a few months, but it's a small price to pay to gaze upon him every night before bed.


Screengrab via Kissonline.com

Recommended Order: Your choice of four toppings, each covering its own quarter of the pizza

Somewhere Gene Simmons has heard about Taylor Swift on a pizza box and is fuming because he didn't think of the idea first. Unofficially KISS has been on a pizza lid before, as evidenced by the pizza box put out by some enterprising entrepreneur in the above screengrab, but there's no official KISS pizza box.

I don't have to remind you that there's already KISS branded everything, so why stop here? Sure those extra pizzas are taking their fans one step closer to their eventual burial in a KISS coffin, but rock and rolling all night causes sleepy eyes and hungry bellies.

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