Paul McCartney: What Becomes a Legend Most?

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One other thing that stood out Wednesday was that people paid attention to the show and not their neighbors, unless they were dancing with them or stealing a kiss. We were sitting pretty close, so the parade of people running up towards the stage to take pictures and negotiating with security created a few comic moments. (Some of them snuck some pretty elaborate camera equipment, like a damn video camera, but Paul probably doesn't mind that much.)

Other than that, the show was remarkably free of distractions, especially for one as enormous as it was. The video screen behind McCartney showed all kinds of things. But minus that one little bit of pyro in "Live and Let Die," which was pretty impressive, McCartney held some 40,000 people spellbound for three hours using nothing more than the four other guys onstage with him. The one single moment I think I'll take away from Wednesday night came during "Something," when the entire ballpark began softly singing the words back to McCartney.

Unbidden. That kind of thing will get you every time. A close second was the "na na na na... na na na na... na na na na... hey Jude" section of "Hey Jude," which lasted a full three minutes and 40 seconds. I timed every last cheesy second of it with my watch as the video screen showed the crowd singing along. Beautiful.

Wednesday night did not change my opinion of McCartney or the Beatles all that much. I already thought most of their songs were pretty great. I was pleasantly surprised by a couple that I didn't know that well, "Mrs. Vandebilt" (another Russian tune) and the bluesy workouts "Junior's Farm" and "Let Me Roll It." All in all, between his goofy stage banter and his multiple efforts to gauge whether or not HOO-ston was having a good time (it was), it seemed to me that Sir Paul himself was happiest in moments like the Spencer Davis Group-style "I Got a Feeling," when he was just jamming with the other guys onstage.

So I got what I came for after all. Paul McCartney, musician.

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Paul puts on a fantastic show.  However, I was disappointed after buying  vip ticket package that all the people from the back kept running up, crowding us in our seats, especially t he loud drunk ones and being allowed to do it.  It really distracted from the show and hearing security arguing with these people over and over again, trying to make them leave, many being obstinate and coming right back again.  The security plan sucked. Paul was great, but it is quite a distraction with all the rowdy people who were causing problems for me and the people next to me.


The Houston/Hooston thing must be part of his schtick.  He did the same thing in St. Louis/St. Louie but that one at least made sense.  Nevertheless, best concert ever.

WestSideBob topcommenter

If you couldn't make the concert, get the DVD " Good Evening New York City ".  He still puts on an incredible 3 hour show.

Houston Press Rocks Off
Houston Press Rocks Off

I would love him to hook up with a younger garage band or a producer and see what happens.

Bill Grady
Bill Grady

The show was great, but it made me sad for Paul. He's in the worlds best Beatles/Wings cover band, but I'd still like him to wow us with something new.

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