The Rocks Off 100: Paige Mann, House of Blues' Box-Office Diva

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Photos courtesy of Paige Mann
Paige Mann's commemorative box-office ceiling tile, signed by members of Garbage
Who? A former sales manager at doomed Houston record distributors Southwest Wholesale -- which deserves its own blog one day, if not several -- Paige Mann has been House of Blues' No. 1 "Box Office Diva/Dream Crusher" since the Houston Pavilions venue opened in September 2008. The Austin native says "Houston is 100 percent home" and she's been in the local scene for "many, many moons."

Home Base: When not at the window, Mann says her haunts include The Davenport, Absinthe and El Gran Malo, and "not often enough" at Dirt Bar across the street from HOB.

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Good War Story: Mann's story is pretty recent and, she says, has an "odd ending." It's from Garbage from this past April (almost) and then October (for real), and here she is.

"Having to postpone out a sold-out Garbage show in April roughly three hours before doors due to an emergency in a band member's family [is] never an easy thing to pull off on short notice, and [it's] certainly no fun putting 1,700-plus people instantly in the bummer tent!" Mann opens.

"The upside was that since the band had just recently begun touring again and were also early in their tour schedule [so] they used the Music Hall as a big ol' rehearsal studio and ran their entire set list that afternoon... for about ten of us," she says. "I'm still fairly certain that the people who were arriving for the now-postponed show were wondering why we were playing so much Garbage music inside. Little did they know..."

Why Do You Stay In Houston? "Because I really, really effin love it!" Mann says. "Friendly people, no work on 'snow days,' great museums, restaurants out the wazoo, the Texans, a 45-minute drive to the coast, and two airports to get me the hell outta here when I need a break!"

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If I ever run a show anywhere Paige will be on the guest list.  I'm always happy to see her. -Randy H.

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