The Rocks Off 100: Nick Gaitan, Upright Bass-Plucking Umbrella Man

The Umbrella Man CD Big Top Nov22.jpg
Photo courtesy of Nick Gaitan
Gaitan and The Umbrella Man at the Big Top
Music Scene Pet Peeve: "Being asked to play an event that planned everything else and still didn't consider music/entertainment as something that they needed a budget for," he says. "Yes, people do have the audacity to ask working musicians to do an event for free, or for food and beer.

"They do like your work, right? People are confusing that way!" he adds. "There are a few other ones I have, but this is a classic. It's been a while, but no matter what kind of record you have, someone will come along every now and again."

lovesupreme nov22.jpg
5 Desert Island Discs:

  • Doug Sahm, Groover's Paradise
  • John Coltrane, A Love Supreme
  • Los Lobos, A Time to Dance
  • Jimi Hendrix, Are you Experienced?
  • Black Sabbath, Paranoid

Best Show Ever: "My favorite shows usually involve a lot of people dancing to our tunes," says Gaitan. "There have been many but this year I would say opening for Garland Jeffreys, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, and the Texas Tornados were my favorite shows. There is a thrill sharing the stage with the greats."

Since It's Thanksgiving, What Is He Thankful For? "I am thankful for life, family [and] music," he says. "I am thankful for my parents who are both still with us, for my supportive family, for the teachers that have shared knowledge and have been a most positive influence in my life.

"I am thankful for the passion that I was given to me by the most high, the creator," adds Gaitan. "I am thankful that I can share this and let that good energy move on in the world. I am thankful for so many new things every day."

Gaitan & the Umbrella Man play the D&W Friday, December 14. The band's newest album, Bridges & Bayous, was released earlier this year.

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Nick's pet peeve is one that should be mentioned by way more people! 

Great article!

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