Jerry Lee Lewis & the 10 Raddest Musician Arrests of All Time

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3. Coheed's Michael Todd Seeks Treatment

Coheed and Cambria seems like the kind of band that would prefer to play Dungeons & Dragons and write fan fiction during its downtime on tour than abuse hard drugs. For at least one of the prog-poppers, though, addiction issues run a tad deeper than Mountain Dew Code Red.

Last year, bassist Michael Todd walked into a Massachusetts Walgreen's and showed the pharmacist a note on his smartphone threatening to detonate a bomb if he wasn't given OxyContin. Todd made off with six bottles of oxycodone before hopping into a cab that took him right back to his tour bus. In retrospect, the getaway may have been poorly planned. The cops found him almost immediately.

Todd plead guilty and was sentenced to a year of house arrest and three years' probation. Sadly, he may now need painkillers more desperately than ever before: He was diagnosed with cancer this year.

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hahaha this is funny! However you forgot courtney love at heathrow, courtney love in new york, gary glitter, etc. Still liking the list though!

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