Jerry Lee Lewis & the 10 Raddest Musician Arrests of All Time

arrest dmx.jpg
4. DMX: Noted Impersonator

DMX has made a hobby of doing nonsensical, self-destructive shit. Perhaps it's the rampant drug abuse, or perhaps he's truly mentally ill. In any case, no list of awesome musician arrests could be complete without a mention of the "What's My Name" rapper's 2004 incident at JFK airport in New York.

DMX first called attention to himself by smashing his SUV through a parking lot security gate. Guess he lost his ticket! X then immediately compounded the problem by explaining to the attendant that he should be left alone because he was a federal agent. (Note: DMX is not and never will be a federal agent. Federal agents can't rap.) Then the star ordered another driver out of his vehicle, claiming to be an FBI agent. When the driver saw through this obvious ruse, DMX dragged him out of his car, anyway.

Surprise, surprise: Cops found crack rocks, opiates and a damn billy club in DMX's car. He was charged with drug possession, criminal impersonation, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal mischief, menacing, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, while claiming to be a federal agent and attempting to carjack a vehicle. Damn.

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hahaha this is funny! However you forgot courtney love at heathrow, courtney love in new york, gary glitter, etc. Still liking the list though!

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