Jerry Lee Lewis & the 10 Raddest Musician Arrests of All Time


5. Pete Townshend's Barely Legal Research

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend had one of rock history's biggest "No, really, I can explain!" moments back in 2003. That year, the classic-rock icon was hauled in by the FBI as part of a massive child porn crackdown after using his credit card to access a kiddie porn Web site.

A victim of abuse himself, Townshend told law enforcement officials that he accessed the site only while conducting paper-trail "research" for a campaign against child pornographers. He'd canceled the account immediately, he pointed out, and no incriminating material was found on his computers or in his home.

Luckily for fans, investigators decided that Townshend's story checked out. While he was never able to prove an illicit financial chain between Russian orphanages and British banks as he'd hoped, he was allowed to remain a free man after accepting a "police caution," which kind of sounds made-up, to be honest.

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hahaha this is funny! However you forgot courtney love at heathrow, courtney love in new york, gary glitter, etc. Still liking the list though!

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