Jerry Lee Lewis & the 10 Raddest Musician Arrests of All Time

9. Nelly's Adventures in Muling

The town of Sierra Blanca, Texas, is not the greatest hamlet in the world to drive your tour bus through. Everyone from Willie to Snoop to Fiona Apple has been busted there for weed and other possession charges in recent years, but it was St. Louis rapper Nelly who made the biggest splash on his trip through town.

When the local cops pulled Nelly's bus over and performed a search, they found 36 baggies of heroin, TEN FUCKING POUNDS of bud and a loaded .45. Nelly appeared headed from "Country Grammar" to country slammer.

Or not. The rapper was merely "detained" before being released when entourage member Brain Keith Jones took the rap (ha!) for the contraband. Nelly stated in a release that he was totally super-sorry about the mean trick his hired man had played on him.

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hahaha this is funny! However you forgot courtney love at heathrow, courtney love in new york, gary glitter, etc. Still liking the list though!

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