A Playlist for Tonight's Hurricane Sandy Telethon

soulcages nov2.jpg
Sting, "All This Time": The best song on 1991's The Soul Cages, Sting's album-length eulogy for his fisherman father, follows a man's life as a river flows into the sea. All things considered, perhaps a more appropriate choice than "Love Is the Seventh Wave."

Sting, "Englishman In New York": From his pretentious/ambitious years when his records were as much jazz as rock, this is a breezy little reggae tune about learning to love being an "illegal alien" and probably as close to subtlety as Sting was capable at the time. Or now.

Christina Aguilera, "Your Body": It's her new single. Give her a break; she's had a rough year.

Jimmy Fallon & Bruce Springsteen, "Sexy and I Know It": Hey, they'll both be there. They might as well. America wants them to.

All money raised from the telethon will be directed to the American Red Cross. Help them out yourself at www.redcross.org.

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