A Playlist for Tonight's Hurricane Sandy Telethon

52nd st nov2.jpg
Billy Joel, "Big Shot": So far it seems like government officials have handled the situation about as well as they possibly can (except that poor Atlantic City mayor), or at least have managed to hold off a Katrina-like boondoggle. Still, if Billy Joel has an axe to grind about the way the recovery has been conducted, this is the song he wants.

Bon Jovi, "Bad Medicine": Unlike Springsteen and even Billy Joel, Jon Bon Jovi has been perfectly happy to keep politics out of the band's music, beyond the everyday blue-collar situations of good hard-working folk who cling to their dreams and their love after the money's all been spent paying the bills. Nothing against "Born to Be My Baby," but I picked "Bad Medicine" because it's always been my favorite from the New Jersey album, which seemed appropriate.

Bon Jovi, "Livin' On a Prayer": Come on. You'd rather them play "Have a Nice Day"?

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