Houston's Finest Give Us Some Thanksgiving Blessings

Rocks Off polled a mostly random selection of Houston artists, which consisted mostly of the senior member of Rocks Off's clumsy attempts to direct-message those of them who follow us on Twitter, to ask what they're thankful for this year. We're thankful for their replies.

bun4  Nov21.jpg
Photo by Marco Torres
This really is Bun's town. The rest of us just live here.
BUN B (@BunBTrillOG)
I'm thankful that UGK celebrated its 20 year anniversary this year and are being inducted into the Museum of the Gulf Coast.


Thankful i have feet so that i can walk to the liquor store 15 blocks away.thankful for my middle finger that directs cars in the right direction.they have a tendency to not notice pedestrians. And thankful that friends and family are all healthy (aaawwww).


Thankful that we're still a band after nine years. Thankful to be able to see the country. Thankful someone wants to know what we're thankful for.

GLASS THE SKY (@GlassTheSky)

GTS is thankful for James Hutton, Ken Andrews, Carl Sagan, reverb, Malbec, the reemergence of Fitzgerald's and Thom Yorke. Oh, and definitely David Byrne.

BLAGGARDS (@Blaggards)

Blaggards are thankful for black coffee, Tex-Mex and whoo-ers.

DWIGHT TAYLOR LEE (@dwighttaylorlee)

1) Josephine, my smoking hot girlfriend who is sweeter than any girl I know; 2) Sydney Lee, my brand-new niece, daughter of Darin and Ginny; 3) Steve Zahn, for making this.

CHINGO BLING (@ChingoBling)

I'm thankful that Cleto's kids are growing up healthy and strong. I am thankful I am the Carlos Slim of masa.

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