Bandcamp: 10 Houston Bands You Should Hear Right Now

Above everything else, my favorite Web site for finding and listening to local music is Bandcamp. Facebook is too distracting, ReverbNation is ugly, and the new MySpace isn't quite ready; many of the good bands left the site altogether long ago.


14 Brand-New Houston Bands You Should Know About

I love searching Bandcamp's "Houston" tag on Bandcamp to see who is working on stuff and putting out their musical shingle in town. Yeah, a lot of these folks are barking up the wrong tree and should stick to listening to music instead of making it, but at least they are trying and have the balls to put something up for all to hear.

Here are few of my favorite local bands that I have been enjoying on Bandcamp that I want you to know about too. I have included their own descriptions of their sounds where applicable. I wish more of these guys would play shows, or at least tell more people about the shows they are playing.

Oh, but that's my job, right?

"Girly Eyes is an album born from the Surrealist approach to making art. I try to banish all conscious thoughts, and let the unconscious flow onto the world in the form of words, melody and music."


"Tags: experimental rock progressive rock rock experimental rock psychedelic psychedelic rock Houston," about covers it, but this collection of songs is much more.

"Space doom metal band from Houston, TX."

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Negative Tapes need to play out live in Houston! I was at their show in Austin a few months back and heard they played in San Antonio, too. Can't wait for their first album!


The Dead Revolt should be touring with The Mars Volta. They're absolute monster musicians pushing the envelope of "classic rock". Everyone who likes The Mars Volta should go see them asap.

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