Happy Birthday, Mr. Scarface: 10 Gift Ideas for H-Town's Finest

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4. Weed

You can't tell us this isn't the perfect gift for an MC. To our knowledge, no musician in history has ever turned down weed. Certainly no rappers. And even if Scarface has sworn off the sticky stuff for some reason, it turns out that you just bought yourself some weed, instead. Just try to get pissed off about that.

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3. Scarface Guitar Picks

Rapping may be what's he's known for, but Mr. Scarface's musical skill set is deeper than you may realize. The man plays a mean guitar, as he proved not too long ago at Warehouse Live.

Now, if Scarface is anything like the guitarist in your shitty band, he's probably constantly in need of a guitar pick. A quick Google search revealed the perfect tools for the job: Actual Scarface picks! God, imagine the machine-gun guitar licks he could rip out of his Gibson using these things.

2. His Own Statue

There have already been local efforts to build statues for Beyonce and Bill Hicks. Great as both of them are, they can't claim to have put Houston on the map in quite the same fashion as Scarface and the Geto Boys. Maybe it's a tad gauche to build a statue of a living person, but fuck it, it's his birthday.

The only real question is where to put the thing. Someplace in South Park, the birthplace of Houston rap, would seem appropriate, but we like to think outside of the box. Maybe a solid copper statue on top of City Hall would be good, or just a mammoth David Addickes piece on the side of I-45 to trade verses with Sam Houston from across the freeway.

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