Fun Fun Fun Fest Sunday In Review: Turbonegro, De La Soul, AraabMuzik & More

Man, they sorta sounded sloppy, but I am glad I got to mark them off my mental list of bands I need to see to make people jealous. What do I know, though, since my favorite TPR song is "Emergency! Emergency!" anyways. CRAIG HLAVATY

This band's hopeful, hearty hardcore is quickly becoming a festival staple. You simply cannot have a Texas rock fest without the screamy stylings of Damian Abraham and company attached. They are like the punk-rock Flaming Lips, without all the gimmickry and kids-show fluffiness. CRAIG HLAVATY


I admit that I was not very excited to see these hip-hop pioneers after a disappointing outing at SXSW two years ago. Unlike Run DMC, De La is better on tape than on stage IMHO. But I was willing to give them another shot. Everyone has a bad night once in a while. Well, this group did it again. They started 20 minutes late, and even then they had their DJ play ten minutes of Tribe Called Quest as an intro.

By the time they finally hit the stage, it was time for me to go shoot Turbonegro. So I shot about five photos and bounced. I found out later that De La antagonized my colleagues in the photo pit, asking for "respect" and refusing to continue until everyone stopped shooting, calling us unprofessional. I'm done with these guys. MARCO TORRES

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David Cook
David Cook

im glad you took my suggestion on titus andronicus. they really are a great band.

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