Fun Fun Fun Fest Sunday In Review: Turbonegro, De La Soul, AraabMuzik & More

The Mars Volta and At the Drive-In guitarist's new four-piece allows him to wiggle weirdness out of the instrument for all it's worth. I hope he does this stuff in Houston tonight at Fitz too. Rodriguez-Lopez had had to cancel his Saturday set due to car trouble, but Rakim's cancellation opened up a Sunday slot for him. It made for a great complement to the Black Angels playing a few yards away as well. I'm still confused as to why ATID didn't get on the FFFF bill this year, but ya know, nobody gets too much heaven no more. It's much harder to come by. CRAIG HLAVATY

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Beards Doing Things at Fun Fun Fun Fest

I am glad I stopped by TA's Yellow stage set, because I hadn't been able to see these New Jersey rockers do their thing live. I didn't realize how layered and varied they were, thinking them just another flimsy, pencil-necked indie band. I was pleasantly surprised. CRAIG HLAVATY


It was a bit late in the day once I arrived at Auditorium Shores, and with the end of Daylight Savings Time, it got dark quickly. Which was just fine by Abraham Orellana, better known as AraabMuzik. The MPC master started hard and never let up, hitting buttons and making beats at a rapid pace that made it impossible for anyone to differentiate track transitions. It was less a concert and more a "look at me play with my new equipment while never smiling" performance. It translated into a cool groove at first, but quickly turned boring.

Two hours later, the OG EDM DJ (triple acronym score!) Étienne de Crécy from France made me forget where I was, hypnotizing me with his dancy, flirty house beats, completely different from anything else offered at the festival. His simple yet glorious light show created an ambience that had the crowd dancing and pulling out their glowsticks and lighted hula hoops. He's another artist I will be starring on Spotify soon. MARCO TORRES

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David Cook
David Cook

im glad you took my suggestion on titus andronicus. they really are a great band.

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