Fun Fun Fun Fest Sunday In Review: Turbonegro, De La Soul, AraabMuzik & More

Photos by Marco Torres
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes
The last day of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 was another dusty affair. I can feel about a pound of crud in my lungs, and my ears are ringing like a mother-fluffer, which means I had a great Sabbath at Auditorium Shores.

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Hey, I even got to watch the Texans game out here. Apologies to the bands playing early, but I simply had to eat wings and drink beer and go through six kinds of emotions at a sports bar three blocks away from your Black, Orange, Blue and Yellow stages.

The twin wallop of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and Explosions In the Sky on the Orange stage made me think I was back at ACL, what with the couples smoking pot and being white and blond. I do wish I could have seen EITS, but they were up against Fucked Up. CRAIG HLAVATY


I had been waiting for this one for a long time, and was very excited to see how the band's new lead singer, Tony "Duke Of Nothing" Sylvester, would fair as the new Turbo captain. He exceeded all expectations and more, adding his own naughty shimmy to the band's material. The set was heavy on songs from this year's new Sexual Harassment record, which made some fickle fans check out early.

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There was of course "Death Time," "The Age of Pamparius" and "Get It On," but they focused mostly on Harassment. I wanted some Scandinavian Leather jams, but maybe that will happen next time through Texas.

Over the weekend, various Turbojugend patches from places like Houston, Atlanta, Assland were seen around Auditorium Shores, some from various places overseas even.

I spent a few minutes with Sylvester and bassist Thomas "Happy-Tom" Seltzer in our hotel lobby talking about the new direction of the group, their denim-clad fanbase, and the Sylvester's induction in the Turbo clan. Happy-Tom happens to love Houston's own Geto Boys, and has family that used to work partially out of Port Arthur. What a small, sexy world. CRAIG HLAVATY

Craig and I got a preview of Doug Benson in the hotel lobby Saturday night, as he and his comedy brethren David Cross and Eugene Mirman chilled at the bar. Benson walked in, perhaps stoned, flashed us a creeper smile, walked in a circle, then rode the elevator up to his room. During his set on the Yellow stage Sunday afternoon, a large crowd of appreciative and perhaps quite stoned fans gathered to laugh at and with him.

He joked about running over dogs, telling jokes and riddles, and, of course, legalizing marijuana. He refrained from drinking during his personal "Sober September" just to prove that he isn't an alcoholic. Comedy at a music festival works. Sometimes you just need a break from the noise. MARCO TORRES

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David Cook
David Cook

im glad you took my suggestion on titus andronicus. they really are a great band.

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