Here Are 10 Free Beatles & Paul McCartney Flicks to Watch On YouTube

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Big stage waiting for a bigger crowd.
The day is finally here.

The stage is set inside Minute Maid Park.

The ticket scalpers are getting ready. The oldsters are reminiscing. The youngsters are getting excited. The critics, bloggers, and nerds are brushing up on their Beatlease, and crossing their fingers for their faves.

That's right, we are just hours away from Paul McCartney hitting the stage downtown at Minute Maid Park . I have been a Paul binge myself the past two weeks.

Reports swirling around the ballpark hint of a fireworks show at the end of the night too.

Remember, the roof will open to facilitate said (supposed) fireworks, so if you are coming to the gig, be sure to wear a coat, or stop by the Astros team store and get some of the sweet new logo action.

In the spirit of the day, I found a collection of Beatles performances and documentaries you can watch for free (for now) on YouTube, plus some cool Wings and Paul solo concert films. The Glastonbury one from 2004 is simply killer.

The Compleat Beatles

"The Compleat Beatles (ed. note: yes, that is the correct spelling) released in 1982, is a two-hour documentary, chronicling the career of the "Fab Four". Though it has since been supplanted by the longer and more in-depth documentary Beatles Anthology, The Compleat Beatles was for many years largely regarded as the definitive film about the Beatles."

The Beatles Anthology

The documentary series that launched a million imaginations in 1995, and made my folks wish I didn't know how to work a VCR.

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