Welcome Back: 5 "Retired" Artists Who Have Returned

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3. Cher
Cher Live The Farewell Tour.jpg
In case you haven't heard, Cher is back. Again. At 66 years old and still managing to manipulate her face enough to look 46, Cher will be debuting a new album in 2013 as well as a potential tour in support of it.

She also hopes you will forget that she performed a farewell tour in 2003. And the one she did in 2004. Oh yeah, and the one she did in 2005, too. And the live album that was called Live! The Farewell Tour, pictured above. Do you believe in life after retirement?


KISS Farewell Tour Flier.gif
A KISS farewell tour flyer... from the year 2000!
There's a reason Reznor said he didn't want to become like Gene Simmons and KISS, and it wasn't just an insult to the good reputation of Mr. Simmons. Reznor was just stating facts.

This band has had so many farewell tours and "final" albums, people are practically begging KISS to just go away. The problem is that Simmons is a businessman and knows all the tricks. If he says a tour is their last ever, they'll be playing stadiums, not town fairs.

He also knows he can drag people out to see KISS no matter what, even if half the lineup is made up of fake Shemps and the band hasn't really stopped touring or recording since the first time they said they were going away forever.

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