5 Rock-Star Biographies That Should Be Broadway Musicals

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Bob Dylan Chronicles.jpg
1. Chronicles: Volume One
Author: Bob Dylan

The great thing about Chronicles and the reason it would work so well on Broadway is that it's a story to begin with. Much of the book is a loose retelling of Dylan's life story -- one that doesn't even cover the whole span of his life, rather the portions he deemed important enough to make it in. In other words, it's more of a novel than a biography.

So many playwrights would be tempted to do something of a straight adaptation of Dylan's life. Many filmmakers have also fallen prey to that idea. But the best have been films like I'm Not There, which take the same abstract view of Dylan's life which Dylan himself takes.

I've often said that in a few hundred years, Dylan will be less of a man and more of a folk hero like Paul Bunyan or John Henry. His story will be steeped more in legend than truth. This has partly been cultivated by Dylan himself, and any great Broadway musical about him would be more of the same.

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