5 Rock-Star Biographies That Should Be Broadway Musicals

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3. The Real Frank Zappa Book
Author: Frank Zappa

Had his life not been taken by cancer, Zappa probably would have written a few humorous Broadway musicals by this time in his life.

He even wrote an album shortly before he released this book, entitled Broadway the Hard Way and containing songs like "Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk."

For anyone familiar with Zappa, that's just a taste of the man's twisted sense of humor that would work so well for a biographical musical based on his life.

Were one tempted, they could even just adapt some of his albums as well. I know I'd love to see a Joe's Garage performance on Broadway.

Gil Nov20.jpg
2. The Last Holiday
Author: Gil Scott-Heron

This 2012 memoir was finished just before the late soul singer died last year, and covers the best years of Scott-Heron's life, essentially up to the 1980s. Those were the years he was working with Stevie Wonder to make a national holiday celebrating the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. (SPOILER: They succeeded, and we celebrate it every year).

While one could make the case that this whitewashing of his history would mar a Broadway musical on Scott-Heron's life, ending things before he lost a fight with a crack cocaine addiction and spent years strung out (eventually contracting HIV), it seems only right to celebrate the man's life when he was at his best.

He deserves it for all his hard work in the Civil Rights movement, and we shouldn't be so tempted to simply reflect on the nastier aspects of him. It makes a good human-interest story, but it means little to the greater things he achieved in his lifetime.

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