UPDATED: 5 Ultra-Rare Demo Tapes for Super-Collectors

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Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine Demo
NIN Demo.jpg
This one was put up on eBay by Martin Atkins, who you might know better as Pigface. Trent Reznor wrote and recorded the song "Suck" with him, which eventually found its way onto NIN's Broken EP, and Atkins played drums on "Wish."

The tape itself contains five demo cuts of songs that would end up on NIN's first album Pretty Hate Machine. Surprisingly enough, the clips posted by Atkins don't even sound that different from the finished products that would captivate legions of fans only a short time later.

Muse's Newton Abbot Demo Tape

This one showed up on eBay in late 2007, containing 11 of the earliest tracks Muse ever recorded. It's unfortunate for the seller that he chose to sell when he did, since Muse hit an even bigger peak of popularity in 2009.

Back in 2007, the tape only sold for £700. Funny enough, Muse bassist Christopher Wolstenhome commented that the price the buyer paid was "a bit of a ripoff." One wonders what he would say if he were a member of Radiohead.

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