Paul McCartney Songs We Secretly Want to Hear at Minute Maid

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Paul McCartney usually starts his set lists with "Magical Mystery Tour" and then lives up to it, hopscotching between Beatles, Wings, and his solo stuff.

But there are a few cuts out of his 50-plus-year catalog that I want to hear out of total selfishness, songs that I know he could never probably bring himself to play live. Some that he may be surprised he even had the constitution to record.

For the total oddity of it, I would trade hearing "I'm Looking Through You" for "Spies Like Us." Or "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" for 1997's "The World Tonight". Flaming Pie wasn't awful.

"Biker Like An Icon"

People in Houston like motorcycles and the folks who ride them. Also, I think Dave Matthews has ripped this song off a few times, the hook mostly. This has an interested Tom Petty bent to it too.

"We All Stand Together"

If only to watch diehard Macca fans poop their relaxed-fit jeans in white-hot anger, and for stoned teens to be enthralled with the artist's foray into children's music.

"Spies Like Us"

Ooooh ooooh I wanna tell my grandkids that I saw this live in concert one day, so I can bear witness that it happened for generations to come .

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So. What are the odds that he'll do Jenny Wren?


Kreen-Akrore. Who would help with the heavy breathing?


Press, No More Lonely Nights, Take it Away, Beautiful Night would be nice, but On the Wings of a Nightingale would be sublime.


"Rocky Racoon", silly & fun.  With George Martin on honkytonk piano.


"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reggae"OH SHIT I HAD THAT SINGLE and yeah, I've blacked it out firmly enough that I would be glad to agree that it was atrocious.


(Also : I want to hear him do his version of "Veronica". 

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