Fan Direction: 5 Great Music-Video Contest Winners

3. Radiohead, "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" (Tobias Stretch)

This creative stop-motion animation video was one of four winners of a music-video contest selected personally by Radiohead. To the band's credit, they even gave each of the winners $10,000 dollars for winning the contest, a pretty huge prize. This is the best of the four in my opinion. The rest can be viewed here.

2. David Lynch, "I Know" (Tamar Drachli)

David Lynch never takes the obvious route. For his first major musical release, the acclaimed Blue Velvet director decided to ask fans to direct videos for his first two singles from the album Crazy Clown Time. Lynch gave each of the winners £2000 for their work.

Personally, I like the video for "I Know" better. It features the classic "girl in trouble" plot of one of Lynch's films and obvious homages to Lynchian imagery, but Drachli is a clearly talented director himself, putting his own personal spin on the style. The winner for "Good Day Today" by Arnold de Parscau can be found here.

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