Broken Promises: 5 Albums That Will Probably Never Be Released

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1. Dr. Dre, Detox

Ok, come on, you all knew this was going to be No. 1. Dre has been working on Detox and relentlessly promoting it since 2001. He's also apparently been re-recording, scrapping songs, writing new ones, and scrapping those in some sort of OCD nightmare to make this the most perfect hip-hop album of all time.

And what about The Planets? That's Dre's "all-instrumental" record that he's been working on since 2008. Now far be it from me to question the good doctor, but if you can't finish one album in 11 years, you probably shouldn't start on another one and then put it off for four years as well. Especially when the results are as weak as the singles from Detox that Dre has dropped so far.

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Mont Hoyt
Mont Hoyt

Days of the New "the Purple album" should have been mentioned


Pretty much ANYTHING with Dr. Dre's name on it will probably never come out..

Dr. Dre/Rakim album??

Dr. Dre/ Raekwon album??

Dr. Dre/Busta Rhymes album?

Still waiting...

Isnt he supposed to be dong a whole Kendrick Lamar album too?


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