An Election Day Playlist If You're On the Way to Vote

I love Election Day. Sure, early voting is great if you absolutely can't make it to the voting booth the day of, but given the choice I will always vote on Election Day. There may be lines, it may be out of the way, and it may even involve casting a ballot for someone I don't necessarily like, but voting makes me feel more American, and I like that feeling.

I also like making playlists, and I make them for everything. Seriously, I can't even make a 30-minute trip out of town without two hours of music to listen to, just in case.

What I'm getting at is that like anything else good in life, your Election Day drive needs a playlist. Struggling for ideas? Don't fret -- here are five songs to help you get in the voting spirit, no matter your political persuasion.

5. Rick Derringer, "Real American"

"Real American" comes from the same place songs like "Eye of the Tiger" do; sure they're corny, but they'll get the blood pumping. How can you hear it and not want to go defend your country against whatever foreign invaders are here to steal our freedom or, in this case, cast a ballot for the leader of the free world?

4a., "Yes We Can" (Democrats Only)

What a difference four years makes, right? In 2008, Obama was just a guy from Chicago with big ears and a funny name trying to change the world. Hope and change were in the air and felt real enough to touch. Who knew that things would become so divisive in politics? Listen to this song and take a moment to reflect back on what it felt like on this day four years ago.

4b. Kid Rock, "Lonely Road of Faith" (Republicans Only):

What a difference four years makes, right? Obama might not have driven the country into the gutter like a lot of fearmongers claimed he would, but it still feels like things could be better. Who knows what would happen with him in power for another term? Listen to this song and take a moment to think about the long road to today, and how things could be four years from now.

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