For Crimes Against the Dancefloor, 5 DJs Enter EDM Kangaroo Court

Like any style of music with more than 15 fans, EDM has its artists that people love to hate. You don't get to a million followers on Twitter without gathering a few haters along the way, and no matter how many fans you have, it seems like the minority is always more vocal.

That's not to say these opposing voices are wrong. In fact, some of them make very good points.

Today we look at five of our favorite EDM acts, the cases against them, and the punishments they should receive, if this were an actual court of law. Please rise -- kangaroo court is now in session.

5. Avicii

The Charge: Audio Terrorism

For some fans of progressive house, Avicii's "Levels" is kind of like D4L's "Laffy Taffy": Its popularity is inexplicable and frustrating.

What's fascinating about the song is that although I know it's popular, I've never seen a DJ drop it in their set. Oh, I've seen it go over like gangbusters at the Warped Tour and before Nicki Minaj, but during all the hours I've spent at Stereo Live or the various fests I've covered, I didn't hear it once.

Do the DJs know something we don't? When asked for comment, Zedd summed up the song as "really funny." So... maybe they do.

Punishment: Avicii is to spin a two-hour set made up exclusively of "Levels" remixes downloaded from Soundcloud so he can think about what he's done.

4. Skrillex

The Charge: Corruption of a Genre

There are those who will tell you that before Skrillex came along dubstep was a diverse genre full of potential. Leave it to an American to amp up the aggression and ruin a good thing.

Now it's true that it's not his fault that other people have tried aping his style for fun and profit. It's also not his fault that wobble bass and more aggressive sounds have leaked in to other genres.

That said, he is primarily responsible for what most people assume all dubstep sounds like. Once you're literally in a Disney movie, the genie ain't going back in the bottle. The wubs are here to stay.

Punishment: Must produce one EP made up of ambient tracks using only found sounds and analog synths.

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They make music for the lowest common denominator, each and every one of them.

Robert Medlin
Robert Medlin

Someone more experienced in the genre than I referred to Skrillex as "The Nickelback of Dubstep". Guess he's right, eh?

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