10 Doug Sahm/Sir Douglas Quintet Albums You Need to Own

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Mendocino Nov9.jpg
Mendocino (1969)
Some of these others are close, but Mendocino is still probably the one single quintessential Sir Doug album. Many of the nakedly autobiographical songs -- a re-recording of 1965 hit "She's About a Mover," the achingly homesick "Texas Me," the not-quite-as-homesick title track, and the freaked-out "Lawd, I'm Just a Country Boy In This Great Big Freaky City" -- shortly passed into the canon of all Texas music. Mendocino also shows off Sahm's savvy A&R ear, because one of the covers is "If You Really Want Me to I'll Go" by a young Fort Worth kid named Delbert McClinton.

The Best of Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quintet (1989)
Yeah, it's a greatest-hits. But unlike some of these other records, this Mercury compilation has had the good fortune to remain in print and should be available at your neighborhood brick-and-mortar music retailer. It also contains jewels like "I'm Not That Kat Anymore" and "Westside Blues Again" that are difficult to locate anywhere else.

The Genuine Texas Groover (2003)
And then... if you've got two and a half hours to spare, this is the Doug Sahm survey course you want at two discs and 42 tracks of pure groovy goodness. Sig's Lagoon usually has a copy or two in stock, or could definitely order it for you.

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Another list! How refreshing and new!


I would definitely add together after five.


Very nice. A couple of personal faves that didn't make this list: "1+1+1=4" and the beautiful outtakes album, Rough Edges, with it's rockin' "Good by San Francisco, Hello Amsterdam." Them boys got around.


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