deadhorse Comes Galloping Back With New DVD Saturday

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But while a celebration of the past is all well and good, is there any future for deadhorse? Or is this release intended to serve as a capstone on the band's recording career, drawing its legacy to a close?

"We actually were really debating," Price says. "We were trying to book some shows to support this DVD, and we thought, 'Well, what do we really want to do this year?' We decided to really take until probably about March to write at least five or six new songs, if not more, and actually put out a new release.

"We learned by example that you never quit your daytime job, and at this age, we can't really do that, anyway," he adds. "But I wouldn't be surprised if we stick around and do some stuff."

Oh. Well, holy shit. Have fun going insane with anticipation for that, we guess. In the meantime, fans can keep busy by scouring the DVD for the never-before-seen content that the band has hidden in easter eggs.

"People are really going to have to work on finding the hidden content on the DVD," Price said. "But if you play PlayStation very much, you should be able to figure it out. Once they find it, I think they'll really enjoy it."

Some bands just can't be happy without a few secrets, it seems.

With Blunt Force Trauma, Squadryn, Demon Driver, Bleeding by Example, Shaving Susie, The Black 13 and Diminished, 6 p.m. Saturday at the Engine Room, 1515 Pease.

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No Haaga, No dead horse. Know Haaga, Know dead horse.


@lastchris chris, I don't know dude, deadhorse has been tearing it up for the last year and apparently having a lot of success. What's Haaga doing right now anyway? If he's so awesome where is he?

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