deadhorse Comes Galloping Back With New DVD Saturday

Put simply, the DVD was a good move. The production is excellent, and the band sounds as tight as ever on tracks from throughout its history -- well-rehearsed and enthusiastic. Haaga is missed, but not as much as he might've been, thanks to the work of BOIL(ing)-era guitarist Scott Sevall and a completely new face: Singer Mike Argo.

While some fans immediately cast a critical eye on the newcomer, Argo more than proves that he's got the leather-lunged vocal chops to pull off a proper deadhorse show on the DVD. More than that, his presence made the reunion palatable to the rest of the band, says Price.

"Whenever we got back together and started playing some songs, none of us wanted to sing," he said. "And learning things as you grow older, you learn you should do a few things bad-ass instead of doing a bunch of things half-ass. We decided we needed to get a good singer so we can do our guitar parts bad-ass and have somebody cover the vocals bad-ass instead of trying to piecemeal it all out like we used to."

As to the relative mystery surrounding the singer's identity heading into last year's reunion, Price says it was by design.

"Houston's a tough crowd," he says. "They're used to good food and good music, and if it doesn't come across that way, they don't turn out for very long. So, with [Argo], we wanted him to come out and be on top from the get-go rather than have people try to pick him apart and figure out too much about him beforehand.

"But in this last year as we played through Texas, we've been able to grow and get really tight and have fun onstage, which was kind of a karma thing that was really nice," adds Price. "We all get along really well now."

Many of those gigs across the state are represented on the DVD, as well. In addition to the full-length Warehouse show, the disc also includes clips from appearances at Ft. Worth's Rail Club and Austin's Red 7, as well as the group's sets at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year and at the When We Ruled H-Town showcase this summer. There's even a full-band interview that Price hopes will answer some of the lingering questions about the group's career.

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No Haaga, No dead horse. Know Haaga, Know dead horse.


@lastchris chris, I don't know dude, deadhorse has been tearing it up for the last year and apparently having a lot of success. What's Haaga doing right now anyway? If he's so awesome where is he?

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