deadhorse Comes Galloping Back With New DVD Saturday

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Photo by Rich Adler
deadhorse at Fitzgerald's in August
When the rumors started to swirl last year, they were a little hard to believe at first. Was deadhorse, the Houston death/thrash band that amassed a large and loyal following in the early '90s, really going to show up and play a gig at Warehouse Live? It had been nearly 15 years since the group had called it quits. Some skeptical fans couldn't help but wonder: Was it actually possible that the horse could ride again?

As it turned out, it was. Not only did the band come galloping back strong, but they even managed to collect video evidence of their own life after death. On Saturday, deadhorse takes over the Engine Room -- another blast from the city's headbanging past -- to celebrate the release of a brand-new live DVD, the appropriately titled "Making a deadhorse LIVE!"

While the band's return last year was certainly welcome, it all remained a bit puzzling: Why now? The mysterious circumstances surrounding the band's apparent resurrection -- albeit without original guitarist and vocalist Mike Haaga -- weighed on our minds. So Rocks Off called up bassist Allen "Alpo" Price and started asking questions.

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"I don't know if there's really an answer to, 'Why now?'" Price says. "Everyone was finally a go, and there wasn't really any rhyme or reason to when and why, it was just like, 'Hell, let's do this.' We got together for a rehearsal, and it really sounded great.

"I mean, it really sounded better than, I think, we had ever sounded at a practice," he adds. "So, there was really a lot of enthusiasm about it."

In addition to being a prime opportunity to blow fans' minds anew, Price notes that last year's Warehouse gig also proved to be an opportunity to fulfill a long-held goal.

"We always wanted to put out a video years ago, and we actually did a lot of stuff to do it, but it never really materialized," he says. "When we were doing the reunion show last year, we looked into doing a live recording of it. The guy that actually produced our BOIL(ing) and Feed Me albums came down with the company to run our sound and brought a live recording rig with him. Then another friend of ours, Garrett McCall from Texas City, wanted to shoot us with, like, four or five cameras.

"With all the stuff we ended up with, we decided to put out a full-length video instead of trying to put out a live CD," Price adds. "It really kind of came about just because of the success of our show last year."

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No Haaga, No dead horse. Know Haaga, Know dead horse.


@lastchris chris, I don't know dude, deadhorse has been tearing it up for the last year and apparently having a lot of success. What's Haaga doing right now anyway? If he's so awesome where is he?

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