Saturday Night: deadhorse at the Engine Room

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Photos by Amanda J. Cain
deadhorse, Blunt Force Trauma, Demon Driver, etc.
The Engine Room
November 1, 2012

There's life in that old deadhorse, yet.

That's the message sounding loud and clear from the Houston metal icons' camp these days. At the Engine Room on Saturday, the band celebrated the release of its first-ever live release, the Making a deadhorse LIVE! DVD, with the promise that new music could be on the way soon, too.

A crowd of grizzled thrash-metal lifers showed up to party with their heroes. Many of them wore brand-new deadhorse T-shirts, a testament to the band's beloved status among true believers as well as evidence of its recent flurry of activity.

It was a tough crowd, but it had to be to survive an hours-long bill featuring no fewer than eight regional metal acts. Highlighting the undercard was Austin's Blunt Force Trauma, which deployed a jagged, crossover-period thrash sound that whipped the eager audience into an energetic circle pit.

Blunt Force Trauma sounded best on the songs taken from its new album, Let Them Eat Lead, including "C.S.R." and the title track. They also impressed with a nice cover of the Cro-Mags chestnut "Street Justice," but the band didn't have much of a chance to bask in the crowd's appreciation. As soon as they struck their last note, the anticipation for the headliners began to grow nearly unbearable.

If fact, more than a few audience members appeared downright surly by the time the horse took the stage. Many of them had been hanging out and drinking for hours when the headliners appeared shortly after midnight. It didn't help that deadhorse suffered (as did most of the bands) from highly annoying sound problems, from glitchy microphones to uncooperative monitors to poor mixing.

Frankly, the Engine Room and its rinky-dink sound system didn't look or sound prepared to handle such a dense night of metal, and crowd's body language betrayed that they were all but fed up with the hassle toward the end. Still, this was deadhorse playing, and most of the loyal audience stuck around 'til the bitter end.

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1515 Pease St., Houston, TX

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@whats with the cat fight


Sound was absolutely wretched. Huge disappointment.

Mont Hoyt
Mont Hoyt

Mike Haaga was Deadhorse this is a ca


 @joshwebster Scott Sevall from deadhorse explains that the PA was not set up and the house engineer was a no show. Seems like deadhorse's own engineer is the only reason there was a show at all.


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