Cypress Hill Sounds Off Before a Loco Scout Bar Show

RO: Any plans/thoughts about retirement?

SD: Naw, man. We still have lots of energy and passion. As long as we are competitive and have fun, we will continue this run as long as we can.

RO: What are your thoughts about Colorado and Washington passing new recreational marijuana laws?

BR: Of course we think this is a big step in a positive direction. I always thought Cali was gonna take the lead, but now it seems the rest of the country can use the Colorado example as a model for future legislation.

What I also find remarkable is how strong the support is for both medical and recreational weed. Weed is the future, and we will always support the cause.

After the interview, I hung around and was once again amazed by the sheer amount of energy Cypress Hill leaves on the stage during their shows. Scout Bar was packed shoulder to shoulder, and each one of the fans bobbed their heads, waved their hands in the air, and rapped along to every song. The ages ranged from barely legal to almost geriatric, bikers to stoners, cholos to chulas. It was one big, happy family, held together by their love for the Latin Lingo.

"Are y'all ready to get crazy, Houston?! Wanna get CRAZY?! Let's get crazy!" shouted B-Real in his nasal stage voice. The unmistakable sounds of "Insane In the Membrane" caused the crowd to erupt, and the litany of hits played on for a full ninety minutes. Sen Dog's menacing baritone complimented the dynamic, and DJ Julio G. and percussionist Eric Bobo tried their best to keep pace.

Was I ready to get crazy? Of course! Don't you know I'm loco?!

Personal Bias: I was a nerdy, skinny pre-teen in 1991 when Cypress Hill's debut album was released. I remember my cholo cousins in Pasadena blasting that record in their lowrider Monte Carlo as we cruised to the store for some fajitas and cerveza. Good times.

The Crowd: Scout Bar shakes you down pretty good at the door, but some of these fans still managed to get high. Now that's determination!

Overheard In the Crowd: Her: "I've been down with Cypress Hill since 1985!"

Me: "But they released the first album in 1991..."

Her: "Man... I was so high back then..."

Me: BadPokerFace.jpg

Random Notebook Dump: This was my first time at Scout Bar, but definitely not my last. Great club to catch a show. Now if only it wasn't so far away!


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Scout Bar

18307 Egret Bay Blvd., Houston, TX

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Rollins - Cypress Hill - Beastie Boys at the Sam Houston Coliseum back in the day was the best show I been too.

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