Remembering Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie With Fondness and Weariness

"Instead of a double album, they could have cut out five or six filler songs and it could have been a killer album with not a single bad track," says Jake Rawls of Sundown Audio. "Instead it's a 'pretty damn good album with some meh songs on it.' That said, it's still my No. 2 album for them behind Siamese Dream."

More than likely, no one looks back on "Take Me Down," "Beautiful," "Stumbleine" or "Cupid de Locke" with fond reverence.

A few years back I edited down the album myself -- as nerds are wont to do with too much time on their hands -- using B-sides from the era that I had fallen in love with through collecting all the singles.

Those singles would be collected on The Aeroplane Flies High, a box set released in 1996, which is now a treasured fan item that sometimes runs up to $200 a box on eBay.

The 23-minute "Pastichio Medley," found on Aeroplane, is a pastiche of all the riffs and ideas that were thrown out in the Mellon Collie sessions. No telling how many songs the Silversun Pickups, Muse and tons of alt-rock also-rans cribbed from this catch-all.

The Mellon Collie that I tracked comes in at just over 41 minutes and 11 tracks. Looking back, "God" and "Ugly" shouldn't have been buried as B-sides, but I am glad I bought those compact disc and cassingles when I did.

Yes, cassingles.

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@hprocksoff Best thing to come out of Mellon Collie was that Aeroplane box... I love that set.


@cfaust The B-sides were the best. Check out the shortened album I put together too.


@hprocksoff The shortened album is a neat idea, but you drop some really great deep cuts.   It's all subjective, but "Thru the Eyes of Ruby", "X.Y.U", "Muzzle", and "Galapagos" are great songs in their own right.   I'm impressed with your inclusion of "Love" though.

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