Before Tonight's New Trapped In the Closet, We Recap the First 22 Balls-Crazy Chapters

Chapter 19: Back at the church service, Reverend Mosley James Evans -- R. Kelly in makeup -- and his congregation urge Pimp Lucius -- also R. Kelly in makeup -- to stop pimping. Pimp Lucius reveals a stutter as he explains to his partner, Bishop Craig, that pimpin' is for life. Can't stop, won't stop.

Chapter 20: Randolph bursts in on wife Rosie with gossip about pastor Rufus. While cleaning Rufus' office, church custodian Randolph hid in the office closet to avoid getting caught sneaking a drink. There, he overheard Chuck call and tell Rufus he has "the package." This appears to be slang for AIDS. Yes, really.

Chapter 21: Sylvester brings Twan along on another mission, reminding him to keep his temper in check. Sylvester plots with an extremely Italian mafioso named Joey while Twan falls asleep and dreams that the whole meeting goes tits-up and everyone's about to shoot each other. Sylvester wakes him up, and they leave peacefully.

Chapter 22: This chapter is R. Kelly's version of "What's the Story, Morning Glory?" except everyone on the phone chain is informing everyone else that they might have AIDS. Yep, every single character so far might have "the package." Annnnd SCENE!

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