Before Tonight's New Trapped In the Closet, We Recap the First 22 Balls-Crazy Chapters

Chapter 7: Gwen's brother Twan, only now arriving home from prison, has wandered into the bullet. It's a superficial wound, which he bandages while the events of the day are explained to him. Another knock at the door. Sylvester and Twan prepare to shoot whoever's on the other side, but are relieved to see it's only Rosie the Nosey Neighbor.

Chapter 8: Officer James arrives home, where his wife Bridget is acting strange. In a truly Shakespearean internal soliloquy, Bridget reveals she is cheating on James, and the other man is hiding somewhere in the house.

Chapter 9: James smells a rat, and ferrets out the other man: A midget hiding under the sink.

Chapter 10: As James chases and assaults the little man, Bridget runs upstairs and calls the first phone number she grabs: Gwen's. That done, she rushes to the little man's aid with a shotgun and forces James to back off. Sylvester and Twan burst in, each pointing guns. The little guy craps his pants and passes out.

Chapter 11: Little man reveals his name to be Big Man, thanks to his impressive wang. Sylvester recognizes Big Man from the club where he met Cathy the night before. Bridget rushes to the sink to barf, and we discover she's three months pregnant. James already knew this, but he didn't know the next bit: The baby is Big Man's.

Chapter 12: Meanwhile, back at Cathy's apartment, the trio of Cathy, Rufus, and Chuck are arguing over which one has the best claim to ornery bisexual Rufus' heart. The phone rings. Cathy answers, and it's Gwen. Gwen relays the days events, and Cathy admits to being the "nasty wig-wearin' ho" Sylvester left the club with.

Chapter 13: Sylvester and Twan drive to meet someone who owes Sylvester money. Twan's angrily obsessed with a girl named Tina. Rosie the Nosey Neighbor and her husband Randolph -- R. Kelly in Nutty Professor makeup -- argue about Rosie's peeping. Twan drops Sylvester off at a seedy diner, then waits outside for an hour.

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