Top 10 Kitschy Pop-Related Gift Items to Give This Year

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Thanksgiving is in ten days, and then we'll all be fully immersed in the holiday season. While shopping recently, I noticed that Taylor Swift now has her own greeting-card line featuring her photography and sweet words.

If you were to receive one such card from a loved one, would you swell with fuzzy warm joy and thoughts of kittens and double rainbows? Oh, you're a few years older than 16? You just threw up in your mouth a little? What a bunch of cynics.

That being said, there is a cornucopia of artist-branded merchandise for you to give those close to you this holiday season. To help get your personal wish list started, here is a selection of the greatest music-related kitsch currently available in stores and online.

10. 1D Girl Talk Board Game

1D game nov12.jpg
The pop crush du jour, UK boy band One Direction, is the subject of this board game where you and all your friends answer trivia questions about 1D or engage in some kind of truth or dare. Whoever completes the game first gets the special VIP backstage pass! Disclaimer: Winning this game does not actually guarantee you a pass to meet One Direction, though, so calm down.

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