2013 Free Press Summer Fest Presale Begins

Afrojack FPSF Oct17-thumb-560x373.jpg
Photos by Marc Brubaker
Get ready Houston, the 2013 Free Press Summer Fest blind presale begins today -- like now -- on the FPSF website for the fifth edition of the festival. Of course no bands have been announced yet, which makes it a blind sale, and could mean you are unwittingly buying tickets to see Beck or Radiohead, which is cool.


Study: Free Press Summer Fest Brought $14 Million to Houston Economy

The 5th FPSF is set for June 1 and June 2 at Eleanor Tinsley Park. With it being an anniversary year, you should expect big and sexy things to happen.

Better to buy a gang of passes now before you start crying that you are poor and lonely, and that no one loves you, on May 31. See www.freepresssummerfest.com for details.

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Stephanie Fisher
Stephanie Fisher

The line "Last year was just a rehearsal" in that video gave me the chills. I'm so excited to see how they plan to top Snoop Dogg, Willie and The Flaming Lips playing Dark Side of the Moon because all of them were so damn awesome this year.

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