Your Marilyn Manson YouTube Contest Entries

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Photo by Groovehouse
This week Rocks Off asked Marilyn Manson fans to send us videos of their best Manson impersonations to win tickets to next Tuesday's gig with Rob Zombie at Reliant Arena. Like with most giveaways we do, sometimes interest is sparse, but this time you guys went all out. It didn't hurt that the Manson team posted our contest onto their official Facebook feed either.

We set a deadline for early Friday afternoon so we could get everything set up for the winner, just in case they needed to quit their job, find transportation, or stop screaming with excitement long enough to get to the show safely.

The Manson camp has seen some of your videos, and they are excited that so many of you decided to throw caution and future plans to the wind to live on in YouTube infamy.

Here are the videos that we received on the Rocks Off Facebook and Twitter pages. Who do you think deserves the tickets the most? These people really went all out.

Stay tuned. We'll announce the winner Monday.

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just to be clear i'm the guy doing a cover of "we're from america". it's a manson song off of the  "high end of low" album.


i uploaded my video on 7:27pm on your facebook page on the 25th, thurs. and it is on your main page but not this page?

Reck Kin
Reck Kin

i uploaded my entry on thurs. the 25th at 7:27pm. it shows on this page "we're from america". why am i not included the entries page? thanks.

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