Town Monster Releases Horrifying Short Film to Promote New Album

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You remember Town Monster, right? I brought them up a while to celebrate the legacy of Bela Lugosi in song, then ended up doing a feature on one of the most brilliant independently produced music videos I've ever seen.

It made No. 8 on our Best Music Videos list last year, beating out some pretty impressive work by Erland & the Carnival and Dudely Jones. That was honestly the last I'd heard from the band until now.

True to form for a group that has already proven themselves cinematically, the promo for their upcoming album New Life comes in the shape of a short film... and a massively disturbing one at that.

"I've always wanted to do something like this and it probably won't be our last attempt," says singer Nathan Photos, who stars in the short. "I loved Thriller when I was a kid, I would watch it over and over again on VHS. I think music video could be such a great art form if people would take more risks with it."

And risks they do take. In sharp contrast to "Bela Lugosi" with its bright colors and crystal clarity, Ready for My New Life is as dark and grainy as an Ed Wood flick, with characters always half-shrouded. It opens with Photos standing on a highway overpass watching the cars come and go beneath him. He's clearly thinking about launching himself in the path of the traffic, but decides against it and walks out of frame.

Immediately after you're blasted with the band's new sound, something much more aggressive than the seductive, if bloody, approach they've employed in the past. "This World" hearkens to the throbbing wall of distortion that Ghxst uses, but with the speed and rally of our own Morgue City. Over continuous footage of death and transformation in the animal world, molting and decompositions, Photos thrashes in an ever-changing camera angle focused on his troubled, screaming face.

Once that settles down it's time to get into the heart of darkness. Photos meets up with a mysterious man in an odd mask who takes him down to his basement. That's already a pretty good score for how a horror movie starts out. Photos offers the man a $100, which the man casually sniffs then puts back in Photos' pocket while handing him a knife. Whatever transaction is taking place here will cost more than money.

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