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OK, the big Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie "Twins of Evil" tour hits Houston and Reliant Arena on October 30, just one short week from now. No doubt if you are a big fan of the boys, you have already got your tickets in your paws in sweaty anticipation. That's awesome, because the show looks like it will be a goodun'.


Rob Zombie, Lord of Salem, Now a Twin of Evil on Tour

Last Night: Marilyn Manson at House of Blues

FLASH FORWARD: Your Marilyn Manson YouTube Contest Entries

Plus it's just a day before Halloween, so all of you slutty Frankensteins and sexy hamburgers can get your nasty freak on to "Dragula" and "The Dope Show" in beautiful, costumed reverie.

But if you don't have tickets, Rocks Off feels your goth-y, frothy pain. We want to help. But you have to help us. Don't worry, you won't have to do anything demeaning you don't already do in front of the mirror or in the shower in your own home.

That's right, if you want to get two slots on the Manson guestlist for the Houston show -- per his marketing team -- we are asking that you submit a short clip of yourself singing or lip-syncing to your favorite Manson song onto YouTube.

You will be judged on shear entertainment value, so don't worry about trying to get all American Idol with this. Make us laugh or cringe. Your call.

It could be anything from his catalog. Be creative. Be insane. Be Manson.

Come on, all you grown-ass Manson kids, you did this for the better half of the '90s, and you can do it again now. Except this time you will get rewarded positively, and not by getting sent to boot camp by your religious zealot parents.

Please upload your videos onto YouTube, and then also submit it on our Rocks Off Facebook wall, by noon this Friday (October 26).

We ask that you mention Rocks Off and the contest in your clip by name, so we know that you haven't cheated us by ripping off some other poor bastard's work.

Do you think you can do this? I think you can, because I believe in you.

Follow Rocks Off on Facebook and on Twitter at @HPRocksOff.

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Morgan Swindle
Morgan Swindle

i dont have time, just pick me anyway! ill sing it in person :P

Chase White
Chase White

WTF!! why am i just now finding out about this video contest, damnit!! I would've rocked that!! Well anyways, if anyone else wants a music video made for them to there liking guaranteed done for a affordable price, I have a large portfolio, worked with big industrial, goth names such as Velvet Acid Christ, DIVERJE, and record labels, just hit me up!!


@hprocksoff This would be awesome if I was in fucking Houston!!!!!

Matthew Downes
Matthew Downes

This sucks, i have 3 personal manson covers recorded in the studio having some fun doing covers in rehearsal.... By saying this i am in AUSTRALIA.... we had manson but before he kicked off born villain tour... so i am still hoping he will come here to do it. But here ill send in something anyway.

Keith Hanna
Keith Hanna

Best contest in years... *grabs popcorn*

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