The Bizarre Ride of Kickback Sundays, Pt. 3

Photos by Trevor G. Piper/ Courtesy of Kickback Sundays
Trail Blaze at Raw Talent
For being a boutique that happens to aid others with ticket sales for bigger shows, the owner of SF2 looked at the bottom line for sales for its own show, dubbed Raw Talent, and scoffed.


The Bizarre Ride of Kickback Sundays, Part 1

"We only sold two tickets," Suzie Rivera explained. "The kids did the rest."

Since Kickback Sundays' second battle had first been announced in mid-July, the ten artists had been busy letting people know via Twitter, social networking and any other form of communication that they had their own hallowed ground to work with in August. Word spread, people became engaged and before long, anticipation grew further and further.

Throughout Kickback's second season, each winner was given performance slots for shows across the state. C.I.T.Y. opened up for Texas legend Z-Ro in San Angelo, Curren$y here in Houston.

Most of the artists, save California transplant Mac Fame, had little to no video exposure, and none of them had major backing in terms of a label or anything that would slingshot them closeer to success. Fame's closest call came with his "F.Y.I." video that first appeared on the niche WorldStarHipHop Web site and featured Doughbeezy and rugged local hero Delorean (or Delo).

Six days before Raw Talent's Friday-night start time, Rivera's partner Teresa Waldon took to Twitter, beaming with pride. She and Rivera's show, the baby that they had cultivated and grew with the help of artists who simply believed, had sold out Warehouse Live's green room and threatened to sell out the larger ballroom, all without a headliner or prominent figure behind it. By comparison, two of the city's better-known acts failed to move even 25 people only weeks later.


The Bizarre Ride of Kickback Sundays, Part 2

On show night, controversy once again beset the duo and their kids, whom by now they had come to nurture like children. The city of Houston decided to shut off the water for three blocks near the venue, destroying any chance of using a bathroom inside Warehouse Live. Still, everyone soldiered on.

"I'm thankful for the outlet," Trail Blaze said before hitting the stage for his set. "I hate to sound predictable, but it means everything to me."

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