Reader's Poll: The Best 40 Albums of 1992

As we close out our 1992 week here on Rocks Off -- part nostalgia trip, part making you all feel old -- we look at the best albums of that year. The rock-music world was still on a Nirvana high, and the fruits of Cali hip-hop were ripening, with widely praised and consumed albums from Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, and Atlanta's Arrested Development was causing a scene on the charts too.

Rewind: Tori, Tool, TLC And The Other Musical Debuts Of 1992

Of course, we asked the esteemed Rocks Off peanut gallery to help us flesh out our list, and they came up with plenty of nuggets to make a playlist.

Don't worry, the floor is open to make your own additions. Did we miss something. You're damn right we did, to make you mad.

So scroll through the list (there's 40 cuts to choose from) and remember one of the greatest years of your life, or look back at what you may have missed while you were just a tiny speck inside someone else's body.

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Cody Netherland
Cody Netherland

Junior in high times! Definitely agree with the Beastie Boys being #1!

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