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Photos by Jim Bricker
Band of Horses, Skating Polly
House of Blues
October 24, 2012

When this fall's highly-anticipated Railroad Revival Tour was scuttled a lot of hearts broke, but luckily one of the artists on that traveling bill, Band Of Horses, ended up booking a House Of Blues show instead.

The band's previous proposed Houston show, opening for Kings of Leon in September 2011, was scuttled due to KOL singer Caleb Followill's overindulgence. Finally Houston got a BOH bill, after years of waiting.

Last night's HOB gig was the band's first in town since they became a large touring act. Their last show in Houston was a June 2006 Walter's on Washington appearance.

The band rewarded us for waiting so long with a long, energetic set.

Teen-girl duo Skating Polly acted as supporter, reeling off quick Bikini Kill-style screeds in front the sold-out crowd. Kathleen Hanna-channeling Singer-bassist Kelli Mayo (around 13) and drummer Peyton Suitor (edging close to 17) weren't exactly congruous to the Horses brand of barn-burning folk-rock, but that was the fun part.

Reaction was mixed in the crowd, with some staring dumbfounded and agitated, and others (like myself) hearing great potential. I could see them being a big buzz act in a few years on line with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or the late great Be Your Own Pet.

The crowd at the HOB was decidedly starved for the Horses set. I wasn't aware that so many women liked the band, assuming it was a sad bastard group for beards and pearl snaps, but the audience's gender ratio was almost evenly-split.

And can I also add they were extremely attentive and kind? I only saw one fight, which is rare for such a packed house. I only saw two beers can thrown at the stage for that matter, but that seemed to be out of love and not anger.

Opening with "Factory" from 2010's Infinite Arms, the bombast-heavy set would run close to two hours, touching on every album in the band's catalog, but not leaning on the brand-new Mirage Rock too terribly much. They did throw in the previously-unreleased title track though.

A cover of Neil Young And Crazy Horse's "Powderfinger" came rather early in the set, hiding in plain sight against the other BOH material.

Lead singer Ben Bridwell only mentioned their previously scheduled tour once, not going into it beyond saying it was "derailed." This show was announced within hours of that cancellation, but some BOH fans still didn't know about the HOB show.

Naturally, over half of the Cease to Begin album would end up being played, with "No One's Gonna Love You" turning the crowd into a cuddle-party, cameras flashing. As far as anthemic, twisted love song goes, it couldn't get much better.

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House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

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Craig, did you happen to capture BOH's setlist? I've looked on to no avail. Thank you!


@Jalapa75 Thanks for the link. We heard he wore one, but couldn't find a good pic.


Amazing show!  I'm so pissed I got there late and missed Factory.  Was it my wistful imagination or did they mention they might be back for New Years?


Great band. Love the new album, the Bridwell written songs really stand out, just superb. The collaborated songs a very good too. Mirage Rock (still looking for it on a map) should take them to another level of success. Couldn't make the show, hope they return to Texas soon. But hey, who put a bunch of teenagers as warmup band?? Van Wilks would have given the crowd something to oooh and awww about. The young'ns need to be exposed to a master guitarist, although Tyler and Bill are pretty damn gifted....dd


@CainsBallroom Thanks for bringing them here! You guys have booked some AMAZING shows. Hope y'all know how much we appreciate it.

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