Where Have All Our Heroes Gone?: The Four Saddest Fallen Idols of Our Generation

You could put anyone on this list here instead of Tricky Dick and it would probably seem appropriate in 2012.
When we're kids, we'll look anywhere for idols and role models. Most often, we look to pop culture and we find our heroes there by way of idolizing whoever's work we enjoy the most. We copy them in the worst ways. We adopt their style of dress, their opinions on music, their viewpoints on the world and humanity, even their politics (a sometimes dangerous form of political socialization).

Inevitably, we grow out of these things and develop our own sense of identity, but we never forget the great impact these minds once had upon our own. We look at these fellows with a certain reverence and nostalgia, connecting them by association with the glory days of our childhoods.

But oftentimes, we look back and we're left feeling betrayed, usually because we come to realize these idols we once loved were either never that great to begin with or have changed irrevocably into something we don't appreciate. We feel a sense of embarrassment and bewilderment at their actions in the present day and wonder how we could ever have come to worship them so when we were kids.

It goes without saying that this happens with musicians and sometimes, it happens really, really bad.

4. Billy Corgan

SP MB Oct11.jpg
Photo by Marc Brubaker
Smashing Pumpkins at Warehouse Live in September 2010
For those that came up in the grunge era, Billy Corgan and his band the Smashing Pumpkins were a welcome retreat from the aesthetic of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. For those that never felt like they fit in with that world, they gravitated to Corgan's shy and introspective reflection, rather than Cobain's screaming, disoriented way of lashing out at the world. Cobain and his followers took their pain and projected it outwards.

Corgan, on the other hand, took it all inside and expressed it as hurt rather than rage. If this sounds emo, it's because the Smashing Pumpkins did fit the emo scene (in its original form) a lot better than they fit the grunge scene which spun off from the meatheaded anger of metal and hardcore.

But we're decades beyond that. Cobain is dead, emotion is music is almost dead, and Corgan, having grown far too old for anyone to buy his pain anymore, has fallen off the horse and into some kind of deranged lunacy. He's become wildly self-indulgent, refusing to let his band die even as he is the sole original member left in it, even as he's burnt bridges with every former member.

He's burnt bridges, in fact, with a great deal of people and done so very publicly thanks to Twitter and his lack of a filter in interviews.

He started his own wrestling organization and he's writing an hours long concept album that has been released in spurts for three years and counting, never seeming to get any closer to the finish line. Everything he does is borne of egotism now it seems, but much of it reeks also of pure insanity, desperation, and bitterness at the world.

And ironically enough, he ended up dating Courtney Love.

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Great list. Great, sad list.


Corgan and Mustaine are two sides of the same coin, really. Mustaine became a born-again right wing Tea Party conspiracist, while Corgan adopted a cliched, Hollywood-style "spirituality" that steals from Buddhism without actually adhering to any of its stances about giving up one's ego. Mustaine is a neo-con Nugent-lite lunatic and Corgan is a passive-aggressive shit-talking pussy and they're both insufferable narcissists and it's very, very sad.


Nailed it with Mustaine. Megadeth was one of my favorite bands of all time, but now I can barely stomach listening to them at all. I hear Hook In Mouth and the transformation he's made from that guy to the current nutjob is so depressing. I can't hear the 15 awesome riffs in Conjuring anymore without becoming a little sad.


I dunno, @TosshiTX I think Dave's always been mental. According to Metallica, they bounced him because he was a mean drunk. He has a long history of violence and instability. "I'm retiring from music b/c of a crippling motorcycle injury no one can document," anyone? I'm glad Dave, like Denis Miller and Dick Morris have found their true place in the world. I'm especially glad it's not on my team. Some folks you just don't want on your side.

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