5 Great Songs By Psy Besides "Gangnam Style"

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Sometimes it's hard for Americans to believe, but there is, in fact, a whole world outside of the United States. No, I'm not just talking about Alaska and Hawaii. There are whole other countries out there and not just ones that are either a) our cute friends (England, Japan) or b) our bitter enemies (North Korea, Iran). They have their own arts and everything!

So with that said, it might come as a shock (but really shouldn't) to learn that newly crowned superstar and YouTube sensation Psy has released a whole five albums preceding his latest, Psy6, containing the megahit "Gangnam Style."

Immediately you might say, "they can't possibly be good. I've never heard of them!" Well, you would be wrong, sir. Actually, Psy has had many hits in his home country of South Korea, and many of them are just as fun and catchy as "Gangnam Style."

5. "Father"

What may surprise some about this one is that it's a rock song and that it's a serious one, dedicated to fathers. It's odd to hear Psy being serious and sentimental, but the song is actually very cool nonetheless and features a heartwarming animated video of a father's life.

4. "Korea"

This song was written specifically to support South Korea in its endeavors at the London Olympics this year and features Psy taking a different style on: a sports anthem. Surprisingly enough, his take on arena rock is just as catchy and enjoyable as his take on dance music and hip-hop. This video sees Psy and tons of other people in costumes varying from Olympic teams to monsters that look like they're straight out of Where the Wild Things Are marching and dancing through South Korea.

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