14 Brand-New Houston Bands You Should Know About

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Promoters Say: Mentioned by both Petzold and Lemons, who called the quartet "Mazzy Star if [Hope Sandoval] rocked really hard."
Output So Far: Moxy Kid EP (free on Bandcamp)
Upcoming Show: November 9, Fitzgerald's


Sound/History: Duo of Brandon Duhon from HPMA-nominated Houston synth-rockers Glasnost and Rodney Connell of Austin's Motel Aviv.
Self-Description: "Inspired by darkwave, synth-pop and other things."


Sound/History: Laid-back Woodlands-based indie-rockers aptly describe their sound as "coolwave."
Output So Far: Self-titled three-song release on Bandcamp


Sleuth, bless their hearts, appear to have no Web footprint whatsoever, which makes us like them that much more. They may want to look into that name, though - apparently there's already a Sleuth in Vancouver. Rocks Off's then-intern Alexa Crenshaw happened to catch Houston's Sleuth at Mango's in April, and was reminded of Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth and Fugazi.
Promoter Says: "Great Sonic Youth-inspired band" -- Lemons
Proof Sleuth Does Exist: Played with American Sharks and others September 29 at Walters


Sound/History: Electro-pop-soul newcomer claims to be influenced by Beyonce, Santigold and Janelle Monae. Worth a listen or two; you'll be hearing more about her for sure.


Sound/History: Peterson describes this four-piece as a "roots-rock/Eagles thing." Joined Facebook on October 1, and played Rudyard's three days later. Not bad.
Self-Description: "Rock and roll, baby."

Surely there must be a No. 15. Who did we leave off?

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Texxxas puts down some serious grindcore--if you like it heavy, these guys (and gal) are definitely worth a spin.


I saw Brothers Grymn in Austin opening for One-Eyed Doll. They slew!


I saw a band recently at Deans and have been following them fairly closely ever since. The band is Brothers Grymn. I'm not quite sure how to describe the music. It is rap, thats for sure. But the sound and delivery leaves the mind wandering for a comparison that never fully materializes. The lyrics are quite positive upon close inspection. The music is heavy, but far from ominous with traces of electronic and dub. I found myself bobbing my head uncontrollably during their performance, and whenever I listen to their tracks which by the way are available for free download. I've reached out to the members to offer my praise and they have been very appreciative. Through my contact, I've discovered that the group is composed of veterans of the Houston 90's music scene. Instantly I felt a connection, as those are days I reflect upon with a huge sense of nostalgia. I'm not quite sure why Brothers Grymn isnt on HP's radar, but I feel we've only seen the beginning from these guys ( and girl).


I really like this post and anything that promotes new Houston music, but can we just reach out to the bands and link to something they play rather than rehash Auto-Spin Music-CriticArama speak to describe them? For instance, helpful and not self-indulgent: "darkwave and synth-pop" or "thrashmetal featuring..." Not helpful and cloying: "Mazzy Star if they realy ROCKED" or "Radiohead skipping every 6th note" or "Aladdin Sane-era Bowie meets 7 year old Beethoven in a parking lot with a Gideon Bible steeped in blood stained hymns." If they're good, go get me their EP and post it. If not, don't tell me they're fucking Sonic Youth. I'm not interested in your creativity, just the bands'.


Sunrise and Ammunition are a young trio still relatively new and under the radar who are about to release an album which combines pop rock and prog. So far they get my vote for best new band at next year's HPMA's. Recovery Room are probably still new enough to consider for this. They are exciting to watch with Buckley-esque vocals from a singing drummer. And then there's Knights of the Fire Kingdom who are The Foo Fighters if Roky Moon & Bolt were Nirvana. In other words Jeoaf from Bolt steps up from behind the drums to sing and play guitar. There's three newish Houston bands for you.


@hprocksoff digging @showerstheband! thanks for the tip. These guys opening for Balmorhea does feel somehow logical.


 @johnatrisk This is the weirdest comment I've ever seen. "Yes, tell me about new bands, but don't you DARE be creative, colorful, or entertaining as you do so!" O...kay?

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