10 More Things I'll Be Doing at ACL Festival This Weekend

Photo by Mark C. Austin
That's right folks, it's ACL Music Festival time again in Texas, and Rocks Off will be flying to Austin on the private Rocks Off jet this weekend to cover the fest from Friday until the last notes of "Give It Away" at the end of the Red Hot Chili Peppers set on Sunday night.

That's my way of telling you that RO will be shoving all the ACL coverage you can deal with into your computer holes.


10 Things We're Probably Doing At ACL This Year (2011)

This will be my sixth time busting the gates at Zilker Park, no wiser than the first time I went in 2007 as a freelancer. It's been a fun ride. Some of the kids that were conceived on a quilt in the middle of Bjork's '07 fiery (literally) set are probably going to be hanging out at the kiddie stage this year too.

My favorite one so far? That's a tie between 2007 and 2008 I guess. 2007 had Queens of the Stone Age, LCD Soundsystem, Bjork, Arcade Fire, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, The National, and a pre-massive Muse. 2008? Foos, David Byrne, Beck, Robert Plant, Roky, Band of Horses, and Man Man.

Around festival time last year I picked five undercard acts that could headline in '12. Our wish for a Die Antwoord ACL notch was filled this year, by the way. Only one of the bands on my list is even playing ACL this year, and that's bluesman Gary Clark Jr., who has mucho staying power, besides being from Austin himself.

But let's be honest, my great-grandkids will be seeing Gary Clark Jr. in 60 years.

Last year I also told you about the things I would probably be doing at the festival, and wouldn't you know it, I ended up doing half of them. Even the Kanye one. Shamefully.

Let's do it again this year!

10. Somewhere I will be saying over drinks that I am never ever coming back to ACL and this is the last time I am covering such a sweaty, stanky hippie festival because Fun Fun Fun Fest is so much more cool and metal.

(2013: "Oh shit! Led Zeppelin is playing!!!?? When can I apply for credentials??!!")

9. Telling people from New York that I have known who Quiet Company was since like, 2009.

(They were my friends on Twitter when Snoop Lion was still Snoop Dogg, ya heard?)

8. Watching people recoil and run for the exits when Iggy Pop whips it out during the Stooges' set.

(Been there, seen that.)

7. Walking around aimlessly because I don't like the (fill in the blank) afternoon lineup and (insert name of indie buzz band) either.

(Oh cool, I can get some Toms painted for the missus.)

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Sheer. Fucking. Brilliance. Best ACL post I've read, ever, and "I went to the first one and saw _______."  But you missed: "Remembering loudly how much cooler it was when everyone wore bandanas over their mouths and it was a real cowboy festival."


Counting down the minutes til my 3rd ACL fest and looking forward to many of the acts you mentioned. Keep an eye out for a neon yellow flag flying with a heart and headphones- that will be me- a fellow Houstonian and HP fan!

Corey Deiterman
Corey Deiterman

It'd be great if Jack just put his guitar down and walked over to watch Neil play.

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