Top 10 Dirt Cheap Rock Star Halloween Costumes

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Photo by Marc Brubaker
Yep, it's that time again. Almost Halloween, and you with no costume. There's no time left to execute some grand vision that might impress people you'd like to sleep with. (Unless you want to try these, from our sister blog Art Attack.)

That leaves you with only a couple of options: Sit around alone on Halloween with the porch light off and Freddy's Dead on the flatscreen, or drag your hump to Spirit to shell out big bucks for some rayon piece of crap that you've got a 38 percent chance of spotting on some other chud at the party your cousin's boss is throwing.

At least, those would be your only two options if it weren't for your close personal friends at Rocks Off. As luck would have it, we've been there before, and we know just what to do (we're pretty old). If you're reading this, chances are that you think you dress like a rock star already.

If you want to make a splash this Halloween without forking out cash like it's candy, it's time to make your idol worship a tad more explicit.

The key to a successful Halloween costume is instant recognition from everyone you meet. Rock stars are recognizable by design, and they also happen to get laid a lot, which is a plus. The trick to staying within your non-budget is to pick out the stars with defining features and accessories that are nowhere near designer couture. That's right: This year, you're going as a scumbag rocker.

Below, you'll find ten rock-star costume ideas that will cost you practically nothing, including all of the accessories you need to pull them off. This Halloween --throw one together, get out of the house and try not to die young.

Brown MT Oct19.jpg
Photo by Marco Torres
10. Chris Brown

What You Need:
* Black magic marker
* Gigantic sunglasses
* Necklace
* Your regular old hipster clothes

How easy is this one? Chris Brown is an R&B superstar who just so happened to recently get himself a gigantic, instantly identifiable new feature: His neck tattoo of Rihanna's bashed-in face!

Or whatever the hell it's supposed to be. Point is, it's big, it's ugly and it's on his neck. Show up sporting one and everyone will think you're clever (and possibly evil). The clothes shouldn't be a problem. When he's not rocking shows, Chris Brown basically dresses like Justin Bieber: Sagging skinny jeans, white belt, sunglasses and a snapback. Don't act like you don't have all that on your bedroom floor right now. Nah -- the key to pulling this off is that tattoo. It's topical and whatever.

So grab that magic marker and get to work! It's best to have an artistically inclined friend try to recreate the image on your neck, but his tattoo is shitty enough that you might be able to do it yourself. Don't be afraid to add a few more of Brown's tats, and don't forget to scribble in his baby mustache and beardlet, too.

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At first I thought it said "Rock Star" Halloween Costumes.


At first I thought it read Rock Star Halloween Costumes


I am dressing up as a Black Metal musician. Long hair wig + Satanic Warmonger t-shirt, black jeans + combat boots + corpse paint.

Robert Whitley
Robert Whitley

the hardest part, would be pretending to be a moron and untalented.

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